Thursday, January 27, 2011

Superheroes Rescued by Super Craftsmen!

We have had a rash of small, child sized rocking chairs come in lately, each with their own unique needs.  This one is made in a classic spindle and bentwood back design. It was getting on in years and the glue was weakening.  Then some little boys played superhero on the rocker and all the weak glued joints came loose, a seam in the seat came apart, and the bentwood back cracked. So then it was, Craftsmen To The Rescue! 

Since the young superheroes didn't have very deep pockets, we needed to fix the rocker as economically as possible.  We fixed the split in the seat, we re-glued all the spindles and repaired the damaged bentwood back.  We would have liked to strip the chair and soak the bentwood back. Then we could have properly repaired and re -shaped it. But instead we just re-glued it and left the shape pretty much how it was when it came in.

So this little chair has been put back together, rescued from the accidentally overwhelming might of the young caped crusaders, and ready for any damsels in distress to pine away in it.

Hopefully someday we will be able to complete the job and make the finish shine like the Silver Surfer.

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