Thursday, January 20, 2011

Humpty Dumpty Broken Chair Leg

 Someone  certainly took the time to customize the appearance of this chair to their liking!  I think it is great when people are able to express their individual style through their furniture. Unfortunately for them, someone also got a little vigorous with one of the front legs and it broke off into 5 pieces!
It required multiple clamps and quite a bit of carefully done epoxy to put it all back together.  This chair leg wasn't quite as bad as humpty dumpty, but it was close.  As you can see there are still pieces of wood missing even after the ones we had been given were glued back into place.

 Here you can see the finished result of the glue job we did.  As you can see, the voids where wood is missing, have not been filled, and the pale colored break line is still visible.  The owner of this chair decided that it's being sturdy was important, but that it looking brand new, wasn't essential right now. And that is just fine.  We can do as much of a job, or as little of            a job as the customer wants.

The work is done.  You can barely see that there is a break on the left leg, even with no touchup!  The repaired chair leg is so sturdy, it is prepared to withstand many more years, and many more decor choices  .

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