Monday, January 24, 2011

Beautiful Child's Seagrass Rocker, Completed!

 Work just finished on this adorable child sized seagrass rocker.    The owner of this chair is now in her 90's and rocked in it when she was a little girl.  She wanted her grand children and great-grandchildren to be able to enjoy it, so she brought it to us for restoration.  We took all the weaving off,  and brought it down to just it's basic structure.  Then started weaving it again, from scratch.  You can see the entire progress on our flickr page here...   It looks pretty good again, now that the weaving is finished.  It looks like it should go on a miniature porch, with miniature dogs at it's feet!

I love children's Rockers.  I had one when I was a child and at the time it seemed pretty great to have a seat of  my own, that actually fit me!  This rocker is so unique, I have never seen one like it.  I hope that many future generations can enjoy it and appreciate it's unique beauty!


  1. Typically, how much do these rockers sell for? I have a 65 year old seagrass rocker in excellent condition and no family to give it to.

    1. We don't actually sell much furniture here so I can't give you a 'typical' price. The best thing is to have a furniture appraiser come and look at it.