Monday, January 10, 2011

Building new work areas

For years we have had the same storage area in our shop which has been growing more and more challenging for us to use.  We had been storing Upholstery supplies which was just a waste of space as we don't upholster anything in house anymore.  We also had quite a bit of Weaving materials in those shelves.  But the weaver has moved to a completely different area of the shop.  
 We needed a space to store our field service equipment, but the shelving unit was configured very badly for that purpose.  So over our christmas holiday we dismantled the old shelving, which you can see partially in progress in the first picture.
 Then came the interesting task of planing and assembling a new storage system designed with our field service equipment in mind.
We moved the storage area to a different (and previously under-used) part of the shop and got to work.  The new shelving unit we just finished late last week and we like it better already.  It is compact, everything has it's place and it is easy to access by the men coming in and out.

Now we have a large area that was occupied by the old storage system that we get to re-purpose.  It is going to be turned into a great workspace. We are hoping to outfit this new space with all kinds of wonderful tools including a table saw, a dust collector,  a jointer, and a nice big work table.

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