Monday, January 17, 2011

Three Tables, Three Different Skills

Right now we have quite a few smaller projects in the works.  This side table came in with several broken stretchers between the legs.  This is a new table which was hand made in an 'at home shop'.  It is truly unique.  The legs feature a groove which twists around the leg, creating a hollow section in the center of each leg.  You can see in the photo below the broken pieces which we are re-gluing, and clamping.  Some of the breaks are bad enough that we will have to splice the wood together before it can be re-attached to the table.

This table's lovely veneer top is made with Cherry veneer in the center and Mahogany veneer in a sunburst pattern around the edges.  It was purchased through Macy's on Clearance, but unfortunately the original table leaves were lost before the customer purchased it.  So they brought the it to us, so that we could make new leaves.  The customer asked us to make the leaf with a simple Cherry veneer top, and that is just what you see here.  The new leaf will complement, but not match the rest of the table.  If there was a special occasion where they wanted to use the leaf, they could easily throw a table cloth on, and no one would be the wiser.  But if this was my table, I would surely want to show that gorgeous wood grain off, wouldn't you?
The third table we are working on right now is a conference table.  This one is a unique job as the base is made of  metal, with a veneer covering, and the top is mostly formica, with a wood edge. It came in with a blonde colored wood which clashed with the blue/grey formica.  We stripped the wood to remove the color.  Then the wood surfaces were sanded to prepare them for finishing.  The formica was masked off as you see below.  Next we will apply a water based finish in a custom color we mixed up with the customer.  The color is just slightly more blue than a Black Cherry, and will be coated with a Satin finish.

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