Tuesday, January 18, 2011

A Nice Old Trunk Gets Clean

We get to do quite a bit of work on old trunks, and each project, I think,  is interesting and unique.  It seems that people used to personalize their trunks to some degree, so they come to us in all different conditions.  This trunk was painted all over in a seafoam blue/green color.  Even the metal was painted!  The current owner decided the painted, then worn out look wasn't for her, so she brought it to us.   We stripped the trunk for her and it came out  very clean.  The interesting thing about this strip job?  The trunk is covered in cloth!  Yes, apparently we can strip furniture with a cloth covering, and get it clean.  I am pretty impressed with our skills, if I may say so myself!

The trunk's owner is going to take the trunk home as it is.  She is going to sand the wooden slats, then coat the entire trunk with a colored wax.  I think it is going to turn out very nicely.


  1. Do you have any update of this? I'd love to see the finished project :-)

    1. We didn't do further work on this particular trunk. We do restore a lot of trunks, but our client wanted to do the rest of the work on this one herself. Sorry! You are welcome to check out our Facebook page though where we have an entire album of trunks we have restored.