Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Gorgeous Veneer hiding under Paint

A very large bedroom set came into us for work recently.  It had a carefully done antiqued white paint over the entire set, and the customer wanted us to strip that off.  So we did.  And to our surprise we found something stunning underneath.  It makes us wonder who would ever have wanted to cover this up in the first place?!?
This is what we found underneath all that paint.  Beautiful, intricate veneer.  This will be so beautiful once stained.  I would opt for this to show any day, over even the best paint job.  The drawers you see in the first picture all have a design that matches the one shown in this second picture. Beautiful! 

A few of the drawers have what looks like a 'book and butt' match style of veneer work.  They are beautifully done, but it is also interesting to me that the original craftsman did not do a true 'book and butt' match, but just sort of a nod to that style.  If it was truly done in this style, then the center diamond's 4 corners would have matched perfectly.  I am curious why he went for this interesting un-even diamond instead of a perfect diamond.  By looking at this drawer, you can certainly tell that this was done carefully by hand, not en-mass as furniture nowadays is made.  What do you think? Do you like the uneven diamond?  Do you think it adds character, or does it detract?  I want to hear your opinion!

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