Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Little Maple Chair that Split it's Seams

We have been working on some very big projects lately which unfortunately means some of the little projects have been waiting.  But the big projects got done earlier this week and now we get to move on to smaller things.   This chair is certainly small in stature, but I suppose the project isn't so small after all.  The problem with this poor little chair is that it is made out of Maple.  Maple furniture from the 1950s and 1960s, known as "American Colonial" or "Early American" had a fatal flaw. You see, Maple  shrinks significantly when dried and the seams and joints on pieces made in this era were very inadequately glued as well.  The job of a finish in to protect the wood, so when we stripped the finish off of this chair,  the wood then had a chance to 'adjust' to the dry California air, and all the seams opened up.   We have epoxied the seams back together, now this little chair is ready for a Prep Sanding, and then a nice new protective finish.

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