Tuesday, December 14, 2010

A Touchup Repair, making scratches go away.

 We do this with trepidation, but we now divulge some trade secrets. The first step in touch-up is to create a background approximating the lightest surrounding color.  This is mixed in shellac and brushed on.

The next step is to add the darker contrasting grain lines. We chose a couple of additional colors of pigment to add to our shellac mixture and applied these with a very fine artist's brush. Each stage in touchup must be sealed in place. We did this with a aerosol laquer sealer.

After all the brush work was done, we used some aerosol toners to blend the repaired area with the surrounding area. We know you may be able still to make out where we worked, but we are equally sure that if you had only the second picture to look at, you would not have guessed where it had been repaired.

Of course there is one more ingredient to a repair of this quality , a little experience is thrown in too!

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