Friday, December 3, 2010

Making Space for New Service Offerings

 Well, we are approaching a season of change here at the shop.  Very soon we will have another skilled craftsman joining our team, and he brings with him some unique abilities.  This means we will be able to offer some new services which is an idea we like very much.  It also means moving things around in our space so that these new services have room to be done.  This meant our Furniture Weaver moved to a new area, which she is perfectly content with.  You see, her new area includes one of the few windows in our building.  She now gets a lovely view, while her fingers work.

Right now our Furniture Weaver is working on this lovely chair.  The seat has been re woven, but the back is still waiting.

Speaking of new services,   What kind of service would you like to see us do?   Which kind of service that we offer do you think is the most interesting to read about?

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