Friday, December 10, 2010

Redwood Burl Veneer for the Opium Bed

I am sure, if you have been following our blog you have seen that we are working on a very neat Opium Bed from Asia.  We are almost finished, and one of the final steps is to fill in the back panel with a decorative veneer.  It used to have a 'dream stone' but it was lost or broken. The customer still wanted something beautiful and exotic in that place,  so we cut a new back panel and applied a Redwood Burl veneer in a 'butt and book match' layout.  Once the veneer was applied to the back panel, a Tung Oil was rubbed in which made the fiery swirls in the wood leap out. 

This veneer is so beautiful.  I love these fancy burl patterns and when applied so that designs appear, they are even more exquisite. I have a small square table that I have been working on as a little personal project and I am going to use the 4 edge pieces from this same veneer. I am looking forward to having this lovely burl on my own furniture.

Tell me about your latest project.  What do-it-yourself projects do you have going on around your home? Have you ever tried laying veneer?   I will be laying veneer for the first time next week, I will let you know how it goes!

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