Thursday, December 16, 2010

Block Work on Broken Chair Legs

Well, besides all our weaving and staining, and wood stripping that is going on today, here is another one of our smaller projects that we are working on at the shop.  This chair has a broken front leg.  The entire leg isn't broken off, just the decorative piece at the end.  It has broken in half, it seems, right along the wood grain.  We have epoxied a block of wood onto the chair, and once it is fully hardened, we will carve it to match the other leg which is still in tact.

We have to do this kind of block work fairly often actually.   Here you can see another leg, this one broken much higher up (you can actually see the seam in the left hand picture).  We cut out a section on the back of the leg, glued the break, and glued in a block.  The block will be formed to fit the leg, and then stained to disappear!

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