Monday, April 4, 2011

Jenny Lind bed gets a Makeover

A few posts ago I told you about this lovely 'Jenny Lind'  bed which had a broken spindle on it's footboard.   We were able to make a custom 'turned' new spindle to exactly match the old ones.  To read  more about this you can check out my older blog post here....

Since that post, the newly made spindle has been put in place, a new bedrail has been made to replace an old broken one and the entire finish has been restored.  Of course to do that restoration, we had to match the new spindle and new bedrail to the existing finish. Then the entire bed received a new water based top coat to make it shiny and new looking.

I think the work we did on this bed is pretty impressive.  You would never know from looking at it that a spindle had ever needed to be replaced!

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