Friday, April 22, 2011

Mammoth Sized Furniture Stripping Job

We recently got a very big order of stripping in here at the shop. An unfortunate Victorian Home in downtown Sacramento was damaged in a house fire.  The owners and the subcontractor they hired to help them fix it back up have decided to try and salvage as much of the original woodwork as possible.

The subcontractor removed all of the wood paneling and trim from the house and brought it to us to strip. There is Smoke and water damage on most of the pieces, and when you walk by you can smell it!  The woodwork is all wrapped up in batches and  marked so that when they try and put it all back into the house, they don't have as much of a puzzle on their hands as far as where each piece goes.  We began by stripping the doors.  You can see in the picture to the side all the smoke and water marks.  These old houses have many layers of paint which can make the job harder.   Fortunately we have a powerful striping system to take care of business.
We are always interested in better ways to do our job while still being gentle with the environment.  That is part of the reason we are so enthusiastic about the water based finishes we have been using for years.  They work very well, give a beautiful color, and are safe to use.  We have just heard about a new water based furniture stripper and of course had to try it right away.  Below you can see the stripper eating away at the paint on those doors.  While we have asked the manufacturer for a few tweaks, we are  very excited to start using this new product on a regular basis, hopefully within the next few months.  Hooray, finally a furniture stripper that fits into our vision of high performance and health!

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