Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Restoring a Trunk From it's Core

We work on trunks all the time at the shop.  In fact, we had two come in just this afternoon.  Some only need a tiny bit of cleaning, or new handles.  Other trunks that come to us need quite a bit more work.  That is the case with this trunk!  The husband of the woman who owns this one decided several years ago to try and restore it himself.  So he took all the hardware and metal and wooden slats off, then realized that the project was much to big for him.  So his wife brought the trunk to us.

We have begun working on the trunk and are finding ourselves pretty excited about this one.  We don't very often get to restore a trunk from the very base!   The trunk is currently a plain wooden box.  It needs a few repairs, then we will re apply the canvas to the outside of the box before any other parts are put back on.  Today our Repair Craftsman treated all the metal parts with a rust stop product, which gives it an interesting bluish hue you can see here.

All of the wooden parts have been marked so that we know where they go once we begin to assemble this piece.  I am so excited to be able to show you the pictures the work progresses on this trunk.

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