Friday, April 22, 2011

Eiffel Tower Table

One of our employees playfully called this the 'Eiffel Tower Table',  which seems a fitting name for it.  It has very delicate, intricate legs and arches which easily remind one of the building in Paris.  And while the construction of the building is certainly sound,  the construction of this table isn't quite as sturdy.  The entire base of this table is made of cut outs which give it a unique 'world traveled' sort of feel, but are unfortunately rather flimsy.  There are quite a number of pieces missing throughout the table but it would have been more work that the customer was ready for us to do, to repair them all.  So instead we stuck with the most important repair, that of fixing the broken leg.  We repaired this table leg with epoxy, so it should never come apart again!

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