Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Art Deco Chair gets a Unique Treatment

I am very excited about this project.  This chair is going to go in our office when it is completed, so there is a bit of a 'personal' investment I suppose.    Three matching chairs were dumped on us when the owners decided they didn't want them anymore.  We are finishing them each differently, and this is the last one.

We started out by painting it with a cream colored Milk Paint.  This Art Deco chair has interesting carving, so we are filling in all the little groves with red.  It is going to look so good.

Then once that step is completed we will do some glazing to add texture and a final coat of a Van Dyke Brown over the entire chair for an aged look.   I am sure I will post again as progress on this little chair continues.

I think the red is looking good!   What do you think?

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