Saturday, April 9, 2011

Bentwood Rocker Gets a New Fancy Weave

 This seat belongs to a lovely bentwood rocking chair. While the seat is broken, we can still see an interesting grid pattern that was added to the weaving of this chair.  This grid is very unique, and we have not had a chair with this pattern come into our shop before.   Me being the curious person that I am, I had to do some research and find out what it's origin might be.  I learned quite a bit!

The design for this appealing bentwood chair goes back to the company’s founder Michael Thonet and his sons. In 1860, in the Moravian town of Koritschan, the Rocking Chair No. 1 was first manufactured using the new bentwood technique that is still being used today. The wood is heated with water vapour and then bent into the desired shape, which gives this rocking chair its particular charm. Michael Thonet developed the technique of bending solid beechwood in 1856. With his revolutionary Café House Chair No. 14, he was to receive worldwide acclaim.  These chairs often had hand caned seats and backs, and Thonet was the one to introduce this pretty grid pattern weave. It also has a double blind caned back, which is very fancy!

Our Furniture weaver did a lovely job on this seat and re-created that fancy pattern beautifully.   From  reports by the chairs owner,  This rocker has put to sleep many a child, and now with the seat in working condition again,  this rocker is ready for many more sleep inducing sessions!

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