Monday, March 28, 2011

Child's Cupboard with a New Epoxy Base.

 Unfortunately, I didn't get any great shots of the front of this piece, and we got the project done so quickly, and it was picked up so quickly, that it was gone, before I even realized it was completed!  So, the pictures I have here, will have to work.

This is actually a child sized kitchen cupboard.  There were multiple repairs it needed, but the biggest one was a problem with dry rot on one side of the base.  We filled the rotted out wood with epoxy to give the wood stability again.  The wood was so rotten we had to apply the epoxy multiple times, as it kept getting soaked up.

After the wood had soaked up all the epoxy it could,  we created a form out of waxed paper, wood scraps and clamps.  We then filled the form with even more epoxy, to make a new base, where the old wood had rotted and was gone.

Here you can see the cupboard's new base.  The old rotten wood has been filled, and the piece can now stand upright again.  Pretty impressive amount of epoxy there wouldn't you agree?  The owner of this piece has decided to undertake the rest of the repairs themselves, but we are happy we could help with this step at least.

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