Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Update on Unique Tambour Unit

I previously posted about this unique style of a roll top desk tambour unit.  Work is almost done and I wanted to give you an update.  In case you didn't read the earlier post, you can catch up at the link below, then get on with reading this post....

The gauze job ended up being very, very fussy.  If we weren't careful, some of the slats would end up to far seperated when the unit was turned over.  We didn't want that!

After the unit was all in one piece again,  we had to repair a few of the slats which were chipped.  They were small breaks near the ends of the slats, so we were able to just put in a veneer patch.  The patch then needed to be colored to match the rest of the wood.

Because of the way this tambour unit was made, it tends to be rather stiff.  To combat this stiffness, we have it settling into a curved shape on this rack we made just for this job.  We have also stained in between each slat so when the unit is in this position, you will not see a lighter section where the wood edges show.  The final work to be done on this beautiful tambour unit is to apply a water based topcoat sealer, for further protection.

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