Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Broken Chair Magic Act!

We get all kinds of breaks to fix here at the shop, and we do a great job of repairing them.  Our fixes are solid, clean, and last a long time.  This chair had it's top corner broken off and you can see the repair we did in the top picture.  The problem with repairs, is that they never go back together in such a way that they become invisible. The glue takes up some space, and there are often minuscule voids on the edge of the broken wood section.  So it is up to the customer to decide if it is enough just to repair the damage, or if they also want us to perform touch up work, to make the area less visible.  The owner of this chair, decided that they wanted to pay the extra cost, and have us do a little chair magic.
You can see in the second picture that we sanded the area smooth to eliminate the small bumps that the broken sections made. We were then left with a small area right on the top and most visible part of the chair, that not only had two 'fault lines' but was  missing color!  Fortunately we have a master in this kind of touch up work.  He not only blended the fill color perfectly, but he made those cracks almost invisible.      Believe it or not, that third picture is of the chair after we did the color touch up!  Pretty good right? Would you guess that the chair had been broken?  Now I do have to tell you, that if you were the one who had brought this chair in,  you would still be able to look closely and find the damage, because you know where to look.  But for any guest of yours, who sat in this chair, they would have no idea it had ever been into our shop.  And that is a job well done!

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