Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Another Childs Seagrass Rocker!!!

 Not long ago we had a very unique child's sized seagrass rocker come into our shop, to be completely re-woven.  It took us some time, and a lot of skill, to get the job done.  It was picked up earlier in 2011 by it's very happy owner and we figured we would never one like it again.

Boy were we wrong!  We had another rocker come into our shop of an almost identical design, just weeks later.  The only noticable differences between the two, is that the first one had a rounded top, and this second one has a square top.  But they are so
similar, that they even have the same decorative diamond woven into their backs.

On a quick glance, the first one that came to us looks like it was in much worse repair.  But upon further inspection we found that this one was just as much in need of help.  There are broken fibers throughout the entire seat and back.   Many of  the  thicker sabilizing strands are broken off, and the lower front corner on one side is missing.

I am looking forward to seeing this chair new, sturdy, and ready for little bodies to sit in it!

If you would like to see what we did for the first little seagrass rocker, you can go to this link.....

Or this link for a full photo display....

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