Friday, March 11, 2011

Hand Colored Cane Woven Seat.

We have a project going on right now that we will use for customer seating in our office, once it is completed.  It is a very interesting project for us, as it allows us to express our creativity, imagination, and varied skills.

We have a set of 3 chairs circa about _____.   They have carving all over appropriate for that era.  The first of the three chairs is completed,  in a traditional (or perhaps I should say, generic) manner.  It has a beautiful hand caned woven seat, and an allover stain in ______.  It is lovely, and the customers who come into our shop often comment on it's attractive appearance. 

The second chair is the one we are featuring here.  We painted it black, and accented the carving in gold, giving it a very notable, striking appearance.  When we show it to people, they always are very excited about it, even more than chair #1.  We decided the seat needed to be equally interesting and so we are doing a colored cane.   We have died a medium width cane black and woven it in on some of the diagonals.  I think it looks pretty good.  We may decide to go with a wider width of black, to give it a more dramatic appearance, but whatever we decide, I will be sure to show you the chair, when it is all put together again.  Then I want to know what you think!!

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