Wednesday, September 29, 2010

'Animal Print Chairs' moving along

I posted a short while ago about dining room set we had been working on, which was getting a 'animal print finish'. That is not a technical term by the way, that is just my personal name for the really cool crackling going on. It looks like animal print to me, since the old original finish has separated into this giraffe like look. The customer wanted to retain some of the charm of the original finish and we have done our best. The end result is a very cool pattern. We have now proceeded on this set to the final stage. The caned seats have been put in place, and we are ready for the customer to have one more look. There will be one, final slightly glossy, but very smooth layer of finish applied, and then voila! done. I think this set is just so neat, and I will be sure to show you a picture of the entire set, table included, before it leaves our shop!

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