Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Expert Wood Stripping!

I am pretty sure that the process of stripping paint or stain/finish off of wood is not the most exciting thing to post about, but lets face it, it is a pretty critical step in giving an old piece of furniture new life. With a bad stripping job, you are left with stain still in the wood which means you do not have the freedom to choose your own color. Or you can end up with a splotchy look where the finish did not come off evenly. A bad stripping job can also leave the restorer with tons of extra sanding work, and no one wants extra sanding work! The good thing is, we do an amazing job here at the shop. I know I am somewhat biased, but that is why I am going to let these pictures be proof for me. This table came to us with a significant layer of paint on it. It looks like someone was going for shabby chic, but just ended up with messy. So we stripped this paint off in our fancy immersion stripping system, and the wood came out clean!
In fact, I think this wood almost looks new. It is certainly ready for some (minimal) sanding, and a beautiful new finish which will let it's lovely wood grain shine!

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