Monday, September 13, 2010

Wicker Baby Bassinet ready for pick up!

We had a 'Wicker Bassinet Week' here recently it seems, as several of them all came into our shop at the same time, all with important dates to be done by. This is the last of the bunch to be completed and also the most unique. It came into our shop very wobbly and would not have been able to support a new baby's weight. It was painted with a lead paint which was flaking off, and
under that, some of the cane was coming loose. The bassinet has these lovely wooden swirls all around it, but they were loosing their shape and bending inward. Well, as of this morning, it is ready to be picked up. I would love to show you all the photos of the work we did on this piece, but it would end up as a very long blog posting! So you can check out the photos detailing all the work we did on flickr, and here is that address...

I really like being able to show you work like this that we have done. I am confident that we can repair just about anything, and here is just another example to support that. Do you have something you think is impossible to be repaired? Bring it to us!

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