Friday, September 3, 2010

Portugal 'Revolution' Trunk is good as new!

Some time ago we had his wonderful trunk come in to our shop for repair. I have talked about this trunk pretty often so you may have heard of it. But it is now ready for pickup so I wanted to show you all the finished work.

But first let me tell you it's really cool story, as told to us by the current owner. According to the story, years ago, the owner's grandparents were living in Portugal during a time of revolution.
Her grandfather was in some kind of trouble and unable to leave the country, but he still wanted safety for his wife and children. So, the wife and children boarded a ship for America, without even a goodbye from the father. Three days later the family heard a knocking coming from inside this trunk. They opened it to find the father hiding inside! Now I don't know about you, but I look at this trunk and wonder how on earth a grown man fit inside, and lasted for thee days! This trunk even has a tray which makes the space even smaller. It just shows what a person will do for his freedom. To me, that is an inspiring story, and I am so glad we got to restore this heirloom for the family.
Here the trunk is, all cleaned up and oiled, with new leather and new latches, ready to be the beautiful center of attention it deserves to be. Do you have an old trunk? Whether or not it has an amazing story, as this one does, we would love to restore that trunk for you, and get it ready to be a part of your own stories .

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