Monday, September 20, 2010

Dressing up some Chairs!

Recently, a set of chairs came in to our shop with a finish that had crackled and separated so that it almost looked like animal print. The owners liked the interesting design and wanted to preserve it, but also wanted the set to have a more uniform look and to be better protected in the areas where the old finish was gone. We like to make our customers happy, so we started to concoct a plan which would achieve the perfect look for them. We started with a dark stain to fill in the areas missing finish, such as the arms, and fronts of the seats. And then applied a blonde shellac with a pale brown tint added to it. We still need to make a woven caned seat for these chairs and then apply another layer of shellac, but with what we have done so far, they are not only unique, but beautiful!

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