Monday, February 21, 2011

The Runaway Arm Chair

 Imagine the horrible feeling you would get from watching through your rear view mirror as your dining room ArmChair tumbles out the back of your truck, does a few somersaults down the road and then comes to a stop with the arm broken off, the joints loosened and a considerable amount of road rash decorating it's edges.  That is exactly what the owner of this chair went through not to long ago.

Fortunately for him, found our shop and brought the chair in for repair.
"Road Rash" like this was visible along the edges of the entire chair.

With each joint we took apart to re-glue, we found more that were loose.  So almost the entire base of the chair was re-glued.  The broken arm was repaired and the extensive damage to the finish was fixed.  To do this, we filled all the recesses with an epoxy filler,  sanded all the abrasions smooth and then colored it to blend.  We had to do the color work by hand because the wood grain had to be painted in, and any distressing present in the original finish work had to be replicated.

The chair came out very well.  The chair's owner came and picked it up today as was delighted with it's fresh appearance.  We love having happy customers walk out our doors!

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