Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Re-Weaving of an Antique Ladies Rocker

 One of the delights of our work is giving new life to an old piece of furniture. This rocker dates from the mid-nineteenth century, we guess 1860s. It is a lady's rocker, having hip rests not arms. These are also called nursing or sewing rockers. As can be seen from the photo just below, when it came to us the finish was worn and the weaving atrocious. The cane fibers were both broken and very poorly woven the last time around.  Possibly they are broken because of the uneven, sad weaving job.  What you can't see is that all the joints were also loose. So, we completely disassembled the chair and re-glued it, stripped it, rewove it and refinished it. We used tung oil for a finish and then paste waxed it to yield the beautiful and original appearance it now enjoys. We figure with reasonably good care this rocker should be good for at least another fifty if not one hundred years.
As It Came To Us

After Re-Weaving, And Other Repairs

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