Monday, February 7, 2011

Waterfall style 30's Bedroom Set

This chest of drawers is part of a large bedroom set including a vanity, night stand, vanity chair, etc.  It came in with this dated white 'antiqued'  paint all over the set.  I guess the paint gives it a sort of cute country charm.  But that is not quite what the current owner wanted.  They brought it to us to have a complete 'makeover'.

The makeover began by stripping all that paint off.  Paint is not easy to remove, but had the owner tried it themselves, they would have had a horribly difficult task on their hands.  Fortunately, we have a very good, immersion stripping system here and that paint practically melted off.  Boy were we all in for a surprise when we found what was hiding under that paint!
 The veneer work on this set is beautiful!  I can hardly imagine what the decision process was to cover it with paint! This 30's era 'Waterfall' bedroom set displays beautiful, intricate veneer marquetry not seen in furniture with a more recent date. But it also is just a bit more intricate then other pieces of the same period.  The set has been sanded at this point and is ready for finishing.
The customer has decided on a 'natural' stain, which is an excellent choice to bring out the different colors of the varying kinds of wood used.  The natural stain has been applied in this picture, and already the side panels have a deeper color than the decorative edges.  Once we put the Finish Coat on, the differing kinds of wood grain be even more enhanced, and this bedroom set will be worthy of quite a lot of admiration.

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