Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Many Hands, Many Projects

What a busy day we have had here at the shop. Business seems to be picking up again which makes me very happy. I love hearing all the sounds of work going on, and seeing so many projects progressing.
Today our furniture weaver is working on creating a new splint seat for a very old chair. The original chair was made of hand cut wood splint and each piece was a different width. It seems the original weaver wasn't very good at measuring and wove the seat with whatever size pieces they happened to make. We are trying to re-create that look, and to do that, we are using 4 different widths of pre-cut splint. I'll let you know how it turns out.

Our repair man just got started on a brand new project today, which will probably take some time to complete. This very pretty set of 4 chairs came in needing a lot of repair, and then a restoration job. Today they are being dis-assembled so that we can start the extensive repairs.

We are so happy to be able to bring on a new Craftsman! We are able to once again have an worker completely devoted to 'prep work'. This is all the things that happen after a piece of furniture is stripped that go into getting it ready for finishing. He is doing a terrific job. Today he is sanding a table to get it ready for finishing. This table has a very unique leg design, I will be sure to show you once it is all done.

Some time ago we got in a very interesting project, of customizing the dashboards for two Bentlys. Our Master Craftsman was having a hard time getting to the project because he was trying to do his own job plus complete the work of 2 emloyees. Now that we have been able to take on more staff, we have are able to give this project the attention that it deserves. The dashboards are coming along very well, and I will be sure to show you the finished work!

Do you have a project for us to work on? Something you have been wishing to get done but keep forgetting? Or maybe you started a project and found out it was much bigger then you thought it would be? Bring it to us!

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