Friday, October 8, 2010

Customizing a dowel to fit an antique chair

We have been working on a beautiful old set of chairs this week. They all going to be refurbished, but the arm chair was in such wobbly condition that we had to take it completely apart and re-glue it. Today we discovered that the dowels were originally hand made in a very odd size. We can not order them in that size so we had two options. Either re-drill the dowel holes, or customize some dowels. Our Repair Craftsman had a stroke of genius and make a new tool to fix the problem.

He drilled a hole it a piece of metal to the same diameter as the old, hand made dowels and clamped it to a work bench.

He hammered a new dowel through the hole. This shaved off the un wanted wood and sized the new dowel down.

Here you can see the original size of a new dowel and the smaller size of the altered dowel. Now we can use these altered dowels in the old chair, without having to change the chair at all. I think this is such a good solution!

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