Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Refurbished Collapsable Parlor Organ

If you have been following this blog very long then you must have noticed my love for the unusual item.  Well lucky me, because we have a very unusual item today!  This is a collapsable Parlor Organ.  We have worked on full sized organs, but this one is pretty unique.  

It came to us needing some minor cosmetic repairs where there were chips in the veneer.  Our Color Wizard took care of those with some simple 'burn-in' type repairs.  We also had to completely replace the bellows which was a new experience for our Repairman.  After all the repairs were done to the wood and the bellows, the entire thing was refurbished.  That means, we cleaned, waxed and polished the wood surfaces.  This process gives new life to an older shabby finish, without going through the entire stripping and refinishing process.  Any 'character' remains but has a new protective coat of high quality wax over it.

I think this organ is just so cool, and looks so good.  What fun, to have a piece like this come through our shop.  

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