Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Putting a Bed Leg Back Together

This is certainly a useless leg for a headboard! The wood sheered off into multiple pieces where the bedrail should hook in.  It is a classic story of wood beating out metal when put through an endurance test.

To repair this leg, we had to piece together the original broken off wood, along with new wood where it was missing.  Those pieces of new wood had to contoured to match the shape of the original.

We also used epoxy putty filler in a similar color to the wood, as a filler where the missing wood areas were to small to fill in any other way.

Clearly this leg still needs some touchup, to beautify it and make it presentable, but we don't get to do that this time.  Our customer has decided they want to try and tackle that job themselves.  But at least we know we are turning over to them a bed leg that is as strong as it can be!

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