Tuesday, June 28, 2011

70's Era Coffee Table Gets an Update

 This coffee table came to us with a lovely wood grain, but a dated 70's era finish.  Something about the shade of brown, and the slight 'distressing' marks reminds me of deep shag carpets and built in wooden screens.  The couple who owns this table wanted to brighten up their living space and brought it to us for our creative expertise.  After a few different attempts to find a look that appealed to their individual tastes, complemented the room, and looked good on the piece, we finally came up with a winning look.

 The  gentleman likes the red look in wood so we capitalized on that.  The actual wood itself is rather light when raw, so that gave us a 'bright' undertone to work with.  We began by applying a Mahogany water based stain, we then applied a Mahogany toner, a Brown Cherry toner, then an Ebony toner.  Over all of that a Satin finish completed the appearance you see here.  The couple in so happy with it that they are having a TV cabinet done to match.

What do you think? Do you like the new color?  What shade would you have chosen?

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