Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Historical Stain on Late 19th Century Chairs

Today at the shop our Master Renewalist is working on a set of chairs from the late 19th century.  They have already been worked on by our Repair Craftsman who had to do some serious rebuilding on the armchair.  Now they are being refurbished.  We began this process by giving the set a thorough cleaning job to get all the old grime off.  Unfortunately the finish was so weak that we lost quite a bit of the color along with the grime.  So we are now applying new color with a solvent based stain which is a historical reproduction of what was put on these chairs originally.   Over that, we will apply a modern water based finish coat which will give a good, durable protection to the wood and color.  Once this work is done, the chairs will go to Allied Upholstery for that last step.

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