Friday, November 5, 2010

Foam Glue repair VS Epoxy Glue repair

We began working on re-gluing a rocker back onto it's chair today.  The leg had split and was unable to keep the rocker section secure.   When we took the split leg apart to repair it, we discovered that someone had tried to do the job before us.   The hole was filled with a foam glue.  Just a note to all you do-it-yourselfers out the there,  please do not attempt to fix your wood problems with foam glue.  You will just end up giving yourself a headache and bringing it to us to fix in the long run.
We have re-glued this chair leg with a very strong epoxy glue which will pretty much last forever.  The repair can end up almost seamless because the glue is strong without taking up very much space.   There is a small section of wood that is missing, so we will need to fill that.  We can fill it with wood, which will require some very careful fitting, we can fill it with a putty, but that will not end up as strong, or we can fill it with straight epoxy after the rocker is fitted back on.  Any way we choose to go we will then have to color match the fill area.  

We would love to hear about any projects you have going on, or answer questions for you!

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