Thursday, November 4, 2010

Disassembly of a Great Little Desk

This little desk has us a bit stumped as to it's age.   I has some Mission Style elements on the front, which would put it about 1900- 1920, but the knobs are from the 19th century. Perhaps someone found some neat old knobs to replace the original ones?   Regardless of it's age,  it is certainly cute.  Today we disassembled it, so that it can go through the stripping process.  It is going to get a nice new finish later on.  Funny thing about this desk,  when it came to us, it had an old fashioned pencil sharpener screwed into one side.   I am guessing that it must have been used by student at some point.  I think when I was a kid, I would have had quite a bit of fun working at and old desk like this.  But I probably would have spent so much time imagining fantastic tails of older times that I  wouldn't have gotten much school work done.

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