Thursday, November 11, 2010

Completed Look at a Fabrication Job

 A few posts back I showed you a fabrication project we have been working on here at the shop.  Here you can see the new leg we have made, alongside the leg it needs to match.  I think our Repair Craftsman did a pretty good job!  But after his work was finished,  it was time for our Color Man to step in.  Good woodworking skills are a must, but without the new leg matching the old, we really couldn't consider the job to be 'well done'.

I think that I can say with confidence though, that this is a job well done.  Our Color Man did an exelent job matching the colors, giving the stain a textured, older feel and generally making the replacement blend in with the piece as whole.  I quizzed him about just what he did to get this particular leg looking this good and he was happy to tell me, to a point.  He said he stained it, sealed it, glazed it, used 2-3 different colors of toners, then top coated it.   That seems like quite a lot of steps to me, but i guess it worked because it sure turned out well!

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