Monday, June 4, 2012

Hexagon Table Gets A Makeover

 This hexagonal table came to us with badly damaged veneer on the top.  We had to do extensive and delicate repairs, but it came out remarkably well.  The veneer had lifted and pulled away from the table top, all along the dark grain lines.  Each of these 'lifted' areas had to be glued back down and clamped flat.  It is really quite difficult to get the glue down under the damaged veneer, without breaking it or making the damage worse.

Once all the veneer repair was done, it came time for refinishing.  We had already stripped the old finish off before the repair work.  So at this point, we needed to do our prep sanding so that the wood was in optimal condition for taking the stain.  After that was completed, we stained the entire piece with a Dark Pine stain, and then covered it with a Satin sheen finish.  The beauty of using one kind of wood for the majority of the table, and then a different species of veneer for the center, is that you can stain the entire piece with the same color, but it will have an 'accented' look because the wood will take the stain differently.

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