Monday, June 25, 2012

Danish Open Box Weave

I haven't featured anything from our weaving department, so I thought I would give you a post about that today.   This Rocking chair was just completed this morning as is waiting for it's owner to pick it up.

The rocking chair has what is called a 'Danish Open Box Weave' on it's back.  This is a really unique weave as it features not only a cool design, but an interesting material.  The design is interesting as it is a loose (open) weave and let's a lot of light through it.  It would not be sturdy enough for a seat which is why it is only used on the back of this rocking chair.  The seat has oval springs which support an upholstered pad seat.

The material used is called 'binder cane'. Binder cane is sliced from the outer glossy skin of a rattan pole, as is the narrower sizes of cane for woven seats. Binder cane is distinguished from standard seat cane by its wider dimensions. Binder cane is usually used to bind off the outer perimeter of hand cane seats but it is also used on open frames to create a number of very attractive woven patterns. Binder cane weaving patterns are quite numerous. The standard is the herringbone or twill pattern, there are also diamond and multiple diamond patterns, diagonal cross patterns, basket, arrow, zig zag, square and multiple square patterns.   

The binder cane naturally starts out a very light color as you can see in the 'after' photo.  With time, it will yellow and darken in color, as you can see in the 'before' color.   Because of the glossy 'self finished' outside surface it is very difficult to color cane material.  The best way to do it is to use an aerosol spray, but you do risk it cracking and flaking off.  We only recommend coloring cane material if you chair is part of a set.  Otherwise, just let time do it's thing.  

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