Wednesday, May 30, 2012

New Finish For A Conference Table

Bad Touchups 
Before Any Work Is Done

This conference table had suffered the fate that so many damaged pieces suffer..... a bad touchup job.  At some point, someone tried valiantly to touchup the minor flaws in this finish, but unfortunately they just lacked the skill that is required.   As a result, there were odd, pale, opaque areas dotted all over the table top.

The solution to this problem was fairly straightforward.  We began by stripping the old finish off of the table.  The two pedestal bases were stripped separately from the large oval top for ease of movement.  After the table was stripped, we sanded the entire table and legs with our special two step process.   The table then got a coat of stain color in a special blend of teak and cognac.  The table was finished off with a Semi-Gloss clear coat.
 No more splotchy finish for this conference table, instead it now has a beautiful, even, custom color which will reflect the professional atmosphere at our client's business. 

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