Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Wall Repairs to our Stripping Area

 The work continues on our stripping area remodel.   After 16 years of consistent use, the Zink backsplash has rusted around the base.  We are just finishing up the task of repairing the sections and working to prevent future rust.  To do this,  we have cut out the rusted areas, leaving odd squares of wall exposed.
 We then filled those holes with an expanding foam.  This was tricky, as there was nothing to contain the foam as it expanded.  To solve this issue, we came up with a creative solution involving plastic, boards and our knees.    The plastic could then be peeled off and we have left an essentially flat surface.
 The walls were then covered with 4x8 sheets of heavy plastic paneling which were screwed into place, then sealed around all the edges.  We also sealed the spots where the screws hold the plastic to the Zink.  Our wall repair project is almost done.  This is a good thing!  Our next task is to prepare the elevated floor area, so that the supports are in the right places for the new stripping tanks.  We are getting so close to having this project completed, hopefully will be putting it to use soon.

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