Thursday, August 4, 2011

Emptying our Strip Tanks for New Solutions

We like to provide the best possible service to our clients, and as part of that effort, we regularly replace the liquid in the stripping tanks.  This helps us keep the wood we strip as bright as possible.

Since we are 're-modeling' our stripping area,  we decided this would be a good time to empty out or tanks, re-coat the insides, and then re-fill them with new solution.  Here you can see the neutralizing  tank being pumped out into a large tote.  We will also empty out our caustic 'detergent' tank and our water recycling system.  We will also package up all of our 'stripping sludge'.   To keep our company as environmentally compliant as we possibly can,  every safety measure will be used to ensure that nothing potentially harmful is let out,  including the steps of incinerating the used solutions, and burying what remains 200 feet deep in a disposal facility.

Once all of these steps are taken,  our entire system will be fresh and ready for the new, even more healthy water based stripping system to come in.  We are so excited to begin using it in a few weeks.  It has worked very well on all of our test pieces and some of our employees have even remarked that it smells like watermelon!  That will be a nice change from the old egg smell we have been living with for some time!

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