Saturday, August 27, 2011

Color Touchup on a Table Top

 This beautiful table top had a finish that was failing in spots.  In one spot on each side, it had bubbled up and separated from the stain underneath.  The owner of the table had tried to fix the problem which caused the finish in those two sections to come off, and left a whitish area around the damage.
We have some pretty expert touchup men here at our shop to do the job.  In this photo you can se the repair mid way through.  What makes this job almost easier for us is that the particular sections that have the damage, also have the most variegated wood grain, which helps hide the areas we have to touchup.

All the work has been completed on this table top repair.  After our Touchup Man completed his portion of the task, our Finisher applied a coat of satin finish over the top of the entire table, and the leaves, so that it has a fresh, beautiful, protective new layer.

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