Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Faux Wood! Wednesday August 4th at the shop

Recently, a hollow core cabinet door came into our shop, which had suffered a teenager's accidental wrath, and so
it had a giant dent in it. I really can't see the logic in making hollow doors. They are very difficult to repair if they get damaged. But, that is our job, so here we go! We started by filling the damaged area with bondo until it was a level surface again.

Then the area was sanded down so that it became a perfectly smooth surface for working with.

We then painted on a base color which matched as closely as possible the base color in the original wood.

The next step in the process is to begin hand painting in a new wood grain, using the clues left behind from the edges of the real wood to know where to paint the grain. This takes a patient and steady hand!

Almost finished! Now the grain is all painted in, we just need to break up the line that separates the fake wood from the real wood, and add a darkening toner to the areas of the surface which are lighter. Pretty incredible that that beautiful wood grain was painted in by hand!

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