Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Odd Green Wood, Tuesday August 10th at the shop

I am sure you all know that wood comes in many colors, grains, weights, etc... But did you know that there is a wood that is naturally Green??? We have such a dramatic example for you that I thought we should show it off. We recently had an antique radio come to us for work. The finish is badly damaged and the veneer on the top needed to be replaced. When we took the cheep, paper backed veneer off the top, we discovered this distinct green wood underneath. It is actually Poplar! Poplar comes in various shades of green, but this is the most dramatic example we have found so far. With it's unique green tone it could either be stained in such a way that the green is preserved, or we can hide the green and stain it to a more traditional wood color.

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