Monday, August 30, 2010

Antique Radio, Monday August 30th at the shop

Remember when I showed you that odd green wood we were working with recently? Well theproject that is attached to is completed! When this old radio originally came to us it had a paper backed veneer on the top. Paper backed veneers began to be used in the middle of thelast century. So what we surmise it that sometime during the middle of this old radio's life someone replaced the original veneer with the cheep paperbacked veneer. There are several problems with paper backed veneers. They are very thin and so repairs become difficult, they cannot be patched very easily either, due to their thinness. They also peel pretty easily. The wood separates from the paper and just peels. When this happens, the entire layer of veneer will need to be replaced. Which is precisely what we did for this radio. We removedthe old veneer and replaced it with a new, sturdy, quality wood backed veneer. We also stained this new wood to match the rest of the radio. Isn't it a good looking piece of furniture now?

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