Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Lovely Cedar Chest, Restored

Before Any Work

After Stripping & Sanding

Work Completed

This lovely Cedar Chest is being passed down from Grandmother to Granddaughter as a graduation present.  With the changing of hands came a changing of finish.  We were happy to take part in this change and to help keep a family heirloom in good condition.  Their were only minor repairs that needed to be done, the most significant work we did was to strip and refinish the piece.  The inside of the cedar chest was left bare so that the aroma of the cedar could permeate the interior of the chest. For the exterior, our client made a beautiful choice in stain colors and finish sheen.  She went with a 'Pecan' stain with a 'Satin' finish over the top.  This choice really allows the cedar's natural color to shine through, and enhances all the knots and grain.  The Satin finish gives it a 'homey' feel, rather then a brand new, glossy appearance.  Cedar chests are such a piece of Amerciana history,  and this chest is definitely a part of this family's history.  I hope it can be passed on and enjoyed for many more generations to come.

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